Cyber Insurance

Every company which has set up a computer network can become a victim of hackers attack. Crime includes offenses such as data theft, blocked websites, damage or destruction of the computer system, data blocking, and ransom demand.

Technological processes and equipment can be undermined by centralized supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA).

In cases where cyber criminals manage to breach the security of a computer system, the insurance would mitigate financial losses.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

computer systems and data recovery costs;

interruption of business;

redeems for data recovery;

company reputation recovery costs;

harm to consumers or third parties when the policyholder is liable for disclosure of personal data or data loss;

harm to consumers or third parties when the policyholder is liable for failure to provide the product or service;

penalties imposed by public authorities for violation of data protection.

dprotection of the policyholder against financial loss;

in the event of an incident, the Insurer allocates qualified resources to manage the critical situation and investigate the content of the accident.

companies that process or manage massive amounts of their own or third party data electronically;

for online trading companies.

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