Travel Insurance

This is an insurance against an acute illness, accident or incident where the insured person causes damage to a third person abroad. Travel insurance is also valid for lost or delayed baggage and in cases of the postponed or canceled trip. Customers who have purchased this insurance can travel safely knowing that, if necessary, the insurance company will pay for his/ her treatment abroad. Group travel insurance covers all missions that are short-term and not intended for physical work undertaken by staff.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

necessary medical expenses resulting from bodily injury, acute illness;

insurance benefit in case of an accident – in case of death, disability, injuries;

reimbursement of expenses related to unforeseen cancellation or interruption of travel due to an illness of the insured or his/her relatives, death, unexpected damage made to the insured property;

compensation in case of damage or destruction of luggage;

reimbursement of expenses in relation to the claim for damages caused by the employee to other persons or their property.

in case of delayed baggage, the cost of acquiring the necessary items abroad is indemnified;

insurance risks and amounts according to the needs of the company;

lower insurance premiums compared with one-off event insurance for employees;

you do not need to take care of each travel insurance coverage separately.

companies whose employees travel to other countries for work.

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