Voluntary Health Insurance

Voluntary health insurance is a type of insurance that allows insured persons to receive treatment and get regular medical check-ups in selected health care institutions, buy medicines, make appointments with a dental practitioner, get access to the services provided by sports clubs, massage centers or get other health promotion services paid by the insurance company. Insured persons being issued with health insurance cards may apply to any medical institution that has a license for that activity. These services normally are paid directly to the service providers by the insurer.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

outpatient treatment and diagnostics;

medical consultancy;

diagnostic and laboratory tests;

nursing services;

day surgery services;

inpatient curative;

dental services;

preventive health checks;

medical rehabilitation;

medicines and medical aids;

vitamins, food additives, supplements;

pregnancy care and childbirth;

optical goods;


wellness services;

flexible settlement;

critical illness.

an excellent means of motivating employees;

favorable tax environment;

the possibility to receive medical treatment not only in public but also in private medical institutions throughout Lithuania;

in the case of medical indications, it is not necessary to provide a referral to a specialist;

the time saved by the employee in the medical institution is assigned to work.

additional means of company employees’ motivation.

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