Consultations on Various Pension Funds

Private pension schemes is best suited for mature companies. Before deciding, it is advisable to consult all of the company’s employees to see if they need it and agree to join such pension funds. Companies are preparing for implementation of such programmes for years. This is a long-term commitment and companies need to be prepared for it.

The young people are less interested in it. They live day to day and are less motivated. However, older workers can be offered to make complementary private retirement savings – let’s say, half of the contribution amount should be paid by the employee, and the rest being paid by the employer. If a person stays at work, for example, for another 5 years, then he/she receives the full amount and if he/she leaves the company, then the amount paid by the company will not be paid to the employee. Such evidence of the company’s gratitude proves that the company strives to retain employee, moreover, company expresses appreciation for the years a person provided services to a company. This is definitely a motivation to work here further.

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