Employee Health Insurance

Health insurance is a very effective means of motivating employees. employees to whom the company provides health insurance feel more valued and appreciated:

  • have the freedom to choose whether to use public or private health care services;
  • spending less time in medical institutions;
  • receive high quality and prompt medical advice in case of an illness;
  • can take care not only of the treatment of diseases but also for their prevention;
  • are healthier and more efficient, feel better.

Health insurance is a great way to motivate employees at lower costs and benefit from a favorable tax environment.

Tax environment:

  • health insurance premiums are recognized as permitted deductions and are therefore an excellent means of reducing income tax;
  • not subject to Personal Income Tax (15%);
  • the contribution is exempt from social security contributions (34%);
  • the contribution is exempt from compulsory health insurance (6%).

Any company that covers its employees may:

  • choose between 6 insurance companies offering these services in Lithuania;
  • offer different health insurance packages for different categories of employees;
  • establish an individual insurance scheme and to insure the desired health care services;
  • select the extent to which health care services will be paid (50-100% of the price of the service may be compensated);
  • organize compulsory preventive health checks.

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